Value Engineering

Larsen Tella LLC understands the competitive market pressures in today’s environment. Our engineers understand the manufacturing processes and are able to bring ideas by way of innovative engineering to identify alternate materials, manufacturing processes, alternate sourcing strategies and other ideas that bring value to our customers by reducing the cost of engineering and manufacturing the product.

Larsen Tella LLC constantly strives to provide its engineering services as early in the product development process as possible. Early engineering and development involvement ensures product launch success allowing proactive communication and collaboration on component specifications, performance, materials, timing and much more. Bringing Larsen Tella LLC into your project early in order to eliminate potential problems, save time and cost, reduce development time and engineer quality and optimal performance.

Program Management

Larsen Tella LLC has Project Management resources dedicated to transforming the customer’s vision and expectations into an executable plan. Larsen Tella LLC program management expertise and oversight continue to help our organization streamline the delivery process, control costs, improve project results and ultimately achieve flawless launch execution. Larsen Tella LLC will continue to align its project management strategies directly with the organization’s business goals and objectives while meeting the needs and expectations of all of our customers.

Engineering Systems

Systems Capabilities
  • Iges Files
  • STEP files
  • Solid models
  • Parasolids
  • AutoCad
  • SolidWorks

Predictive Solutions

Larsen Tella LLC has been utilizing predictive analysis during quoting phase as well as new product introductions and prototyping. The forming analysis has assisted many of our customers in optimizing designs and throughout new product development.

Recognizing the confidential nature of the work being performed, Larsen Tella LLC employs the latest network and database security technologies, and strictly enforces confidentiality agreements with its personnel and suppliers.


Prototypes can be an essential component in the development of metal stampings, and fabricated and machined components save time and costs by detecting issues in the design phase. Larsen Tella LLC  has the resources, partners and equipment to offer complete engineering support to develop prototypes for your concepts and designs.

Prototype capabilities include the following equipment:
  • 3 Axis Laser
  • Vertical & Horizontal CNC machining
  • Press Brakes
  • Turret Presses
  • Mig, TIG and Spot Welding
  • Shear
  • Secondary punch presses

Our engineering and project management team work closely with our customers to develop the most cost-effective and efficient solution to manufacturing the prototype process.