About Us


Larsen Tella is run by Dave and Denis Larsen. Like their father before them, they were born into the business started by their grandfather.

As the third generation in metal fabrication, they’ve used their expertise to build a solid reputation for trusted products and services. With a background in manufacturing, they understand the importance of investing in production equipment and new technology.

Our goal is to be a complete solution for the metal industry, a resource that:

  • Provides industry-leading components and assemblies at competitive prices.
  • Provides unparalleled quality and support to ALL customers.
  • Offers greater engineering solutions than the competition.
  • Distinguishes Larsen Tella LLC as an industry leader in innovation and technology.

Larsen Tella makes every effort to listen to each and every customer to provide the right solutions. We not only focus on the quality of our products but also on making sure we continue to accommodate the diverse needs of the metal industry.

Additionally, Larsen Tella has been keenly dedicated to offering complete solutions by providing a comprehensive array of services under one roof. These capabilities enable us to exercise total quality control through every phase of a project.

With our history of taking on a wide variety of enterprises, and finding the best solutions available, our technical expertise has allowed us to handle challenging projects, with tight specifications, and to deliver on those requests successfully.

By offering an end-to-end approach, Larsen Tella is able to guarantee exceptional quality on every SERVICES REQUEST FOR QUOTE process of every job

Advance Your Career with Larsen

Larsen Tella’s success is directly supported by the dedicated and talented staff that continues our tradition of quality. If you’re a team player with a can-do attitude, and superior workmanship, we can’t wait to hear from you!